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Punnett square | vinyl science sticker (biology)
Punnett square | vinyl science sticker (biology)
Punnett square | vinyl science sticker (biology)

Punnett square | vinyl science sticker (biology)

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"Punnett square" sticker (3" x 2.89")

Look y’all, it's a PUN...nett square!

An easy way to calculate the likelihood of a child inheriting a specific trait from their parents is with a #PunnettSquare!

It is a graphical representation of possible offspring genotypes (gene combinations) and phenotypes (appearances).

This sticker uses peas as an example, however, Punnett squares can also explain other traits - like why you might have green eyes but your sibling’s are brown.

They can also give the odds of a parent passing along genetically inherited diseases like #CysticFibrosis, #Dwarfism, and #HuntingtonDisease!

These squares are still used by genetic counselors today.

Genes come in different forms, called alleles. One #allele is inherited from each parent. A dominant allele (X) has all the power - it determines how the offspring will look. Like their name implies, they #dominate over recessive alleles (x)! Recessive traits are therefore hidden unless they are inherited from both parents.

A pair of alleles can be #homozygous, meaning both alleles are the same - XX or xx; or they can be #heterozygous - Xx.

Notice how all the offspring with the dominant allele ‘X’ are the same color!


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Made of weatherproof & dishwasher-safe vinyl material. Our stickers will adhere to any clean surface, including:

cell phones
reusable water bottles
lab benches
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