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Earn rewards with every purchase! Click the blue ⚡ to join
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About Cell Kulture Co.

Welcome, Scientists! 

At Cell Kulture Co., we're committed to promoting science literacy through our colorful art, easy to read educational resources, and community-based outreach. We know that science, although complex, can be fun and easily understood by anyone - no matter your age or background.


Science Art

Our science sticker, pin, and stationery collection is continually evolving to include more areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)! Each product has been thoughtfully designed to be nearly as colorful, fun, and vibrant as the concepts that inspire them.


Science Education

Our YouKnow Science blog is fighting back against pseudoscience one post at a time. 100% of our educational posts are based on peer-reviewed research and undergo an additional round of careful scientific review by real scientists.


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Science Outreach

What really sets Cell Kulture Co. apart from other science shops is our dedication to racial and gender diversity in STEM. We are committed to long-term collaboration and fundraising for organizations that support the work/career development of female and minority academics and creatives in STEM. Most recently, we have partnered with Women Doing Science and the American Geophysical Union to establish WONDER, an endowed travel fund that will send Black and Indigenous female researchers in earth and space science to the largest conference in their field.


Have a science question you'd like answered on YouKnow Science, a field you'd like to see represented, or want to collaborate? Feel free to reach out through e-mail or any of our social media platforms!